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Sunday School & Communion

Sunday School: 8:30AM
Holy Communion: 9:30AM

Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Christian through the Sunday school lessons of St. Francis Anglican Church. We have weekly Sunday classes for kids and adults. We worship as a family in Holy Communion.

Church Activities

Take part in our charitable food drive three times each year, and help feed the needy in our community.

We also have a summer youth retreat for kids and teenagers to intimately connect with God.

Lenten Retreats are another way we grow in our faith. Usually held the first or second week of Lent, these silent retreats feature restful surroundings and thoughtful meditations led by clergy.


Renew your faith and prepare your spirits throughout the liturgical year in each season. For a list of upcoming liturgical events, click  here.

Anglican Province of Christ the King

• Find Our Church Listing at the Anglican Province of Christ the King web site

Our Story

Experience the love of God and revel in His glory together with St. Francis of Assisi Anglican Church. We are a pre-denominational Christian fellowship located in Livermore, California, that offers Sunday School and Holy Communion services to the public each Sunday. What started out as a small group of believers in Walnut Creek, grew into a united Christian church, and settled in Livermore. In addition, we are a member of a larger organization called the Anglican Province of Christ the King in the Diocese of the Western States, and we follow the traditional worship service. The clergy of St Francis, The Most Rev. Frederick George Morrison, our Archbishop, The Right Rev. Donald Ashman, our Bishop Ordinary, and The Rev. Benjamin Brown, our Rector, invite you to experience God in the fullness of His revelation in Jesus Christ. 

Contact us in Livermore, California, and let our devout Christian fellowship open your hearts to God.