All Sundays in the Year.” This is the first item listed in our Prayer Book in A Table of Feasts to be Observed in this Church throughout the Year. This is what the Church does, and has done, at all times and in all places – celebrate the Resurrection of Christ Jesus each Sunday morning.

In addition to “All Sundays”, various branches of the Church celebrate different sets of Holy Days throughout the year, many of them held in common between the various sets of Church Calendars.

Our passionate Christian fellowship invites you to rejoice with us as we commemorate these upcoming seasonal events:

Lent will soon be over, and the celebration of the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord will be here on Easter Sunday. The final week of Lent, called HOLY WEEK, includes the Church's most solemn gatherings. Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday. Join us in the chapel of St Francis for these final hours of preparation for Easter.

Maundy Thursday
March 29: Mass @ 7PM

Good Friday
March 30: 3-Hrs Devotion @ Noon, Mass @ 7PM

Holy Saturday
March 31: Prayer Vigil from 9AM - 6PM

Easter Sunday
April 1: High Mass @ 9:30AM

Contact us in Livermore, California, to get updates regarding the church events in our accommodating Christian fellowship.