The Rector's Page

A Welcome from the Rector

We are pleased to have you visit our web site. We are a community of believers worshipping in the Anglican tradition. This is the tradition of liturgical worship handed down from the early years of the Church, and continued without break until today.

We follow the service of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, in conjunction with the Anglican Missal (American Edition.)
We would be pleased to have you visit our church and join in worship that has lasted through the ages.

In Jesus Christ our Lord,

Benjamin Brown †

The Rev Benjamin Brown
Rector, St Francis of Assisi
Livermore, California

If you would like to know what the Rector is reading, you may "follow" me on goodreads, a social networking site for people who love books, where my psudonym is FatherSwithin. Below is a summary of my current activity:

The Reverend Benjamin Brown, Rector